iahayah (iahayah) wrote in funny_shit,

The Middle East. In a Nutshell.

The conflict in the Middle East is a pretty big shenanigan, right? Not if you look at it like this:
The Jews want land.
The Muslims also want land. The same land.
Both Jews and Muslims have weapons.
Shenanigans ensue.
There you go. You now know about the conflict in the Middle East.

BY THE WAY, this is the first post of a blog I'm starting called "In a Nutshell."
How do I choose what to talked about in this blogl, you ask? That’s where you come in. You make comments, suggesting what topic I cover next. I then cover the topic. That’s it in a nutshell.

The blog is here: http://iahayah.wordpress.com/
You can check it out, if you want. I mean, whatever. Not like I care.
Actually, I really care.
What I'm saying is, you should go there.
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